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Bontorin trademark

has been operating for more than 25 years in the "away from home", consumption market, ensuring every company and client of professionalism. Real product and service innovation with quick answers and efficient solutions.

We develop sales and communication projects, commercial strategies and marketing products, guaranteeing a convenient service for producers, professional operators and users. We operate on the whole national and foreign territory both directly and through affiliated structures; by doing so, we can satisfy our client’s logistics demands. Thanks to selected foreign contacts and many years of experience in vending services consumption channels, food service and catering, we promote partner companies, selected products and solutions.

How we operate

Through direct supplies or affiliated platforms, we guarantee our clients an immediate and efficient service, with the help of focused market research and marketing activities. Direct sale and invoicing.

Distribution platforms: in addition to our platform, in several regions, there are affiliated platforms that can satisfy our client’s logistics demands, both in terms of quantity and product.

Sales support and personalized marketing: Study and implementation of marketing and communication strategies shared with producers and sales support materials. Technical-sales and start-ups training classes. We also manage fairs and events.

Outsourcing management of administration contracts of food, beverages; food service for companies, schools and hospitals.



PIÚINFORMA® is a sustainable format designed and run by BONTORIN&CO. S.r.L, that has been operating in the vending services and mass catering market for more than 25 years. Our proposals represent years of experience and several partnerships with important producers who share our values and pay a lot of attention to the impact that their products have on consumers’ health and on our environment. All of our clients can benefit from innovative products and equipment range, in accordance with the market’s demands.


PIÚINFORMA® GREEN is the eco-friendly division of the same association, that deals with the waste produced by vending machines and food services. Considering that it is a complex and sensitive field, thanks to the dialogue with institutions appointed to manage all of this, but also thanks to experts and professionals, our goal is to find solutions that allow the correct disposal of the post-consumer waste chain. No more garbage, but a resource for new products. Moreover, it is currently being studied a device for the separation and the recycling of the organic.


PIÚINFORMA® WATER this section has recently been created as a concrete answer to the worldwide necessity to reduce both plastic consumption and production. It is always run by the same Association that also takes care of the water. A basic commodity that is extremely important to our everyday life and health. In particular, we focus on the promotion and on the awareness of consuming good water from the supply network as an alternative to PET and glass bottles.


10+SANO® it is a European level registered trademark, and its goal is the dissemination, the recognition and the visibility of products that are generally considered as “healthy”. All of this in order to benefit consumers. It is a clear message that helps consumers to easily identify the products that are more suitable for their needs. This even before reading commercial messages and labels that often are not well-displayed. A strict procedural guideline determines the criteria to obtain 10+SANO trademark; by doing so, we provide a social and sustainable identity.


10+EQUO® it is a European level registered trademark, and its goal is the dissemination, the recognition and the knowledge of the food chain and of the ingredients. Of course, always in order to benefit consumers.
A strict procedural guideline determines the criteria to obtain 10+EQUO trademark; by doing so, we provide a social and sustainable identity. To us, equity not only is towards producers or farmers but also towards consumers who, thanks to the controlled production chain and the trademark, can purchase at a fair price.


PIÚINFORMA Association

This association has been active since 2011 throughout national and European territory. Its main goal is to encourage consumers towards the adoption of more healthy lifestyles and to carry out environmentally friendly practices. By doing so, we can develop a sustainable living culture that embraces more aspects of our everyday life. Through information and practical activities, we encourage behaviours such as mindful consumption and sustainable waste management.

We have structured a programme that involves education, training and information; the programme also includes companies, professionals, public entities and educational institutions of all levels.