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Who we are:

Bontorin trademark has been operating for more than 25 years in the “away from home” consumption market, ensuring every company and client of professionalism. Real product and service innovation with quick answers and efficient solutions.

Products and solutions:

Our mission consists in the research of innovative products and services in accordance with the continuous developments of the market. All of this, by paying particular attention to the impact that these products and services have on the environment.

How we operate:

Through direct supplies or affiliated platforms, we guarantee our clients an immediate and efficient service, with the help of focused market research and marketing activities. Outsourcing management of administration contracts.

Promoted initiatives: Bontorin supports several initiatives in order to give value to products and solutions.


For institutions and companies: outsourcing management of administration contracts of food, beverages; food service for companies, schools and hospitals. It is an innovative service that helps all companies, institutions and facilities that already have these services, to adopt the SUSTAINABLE variant. We will take care with you and for you the relationships with economic operators who currently manage these services.


Video production.
Marketing support.
Press office service.


Graphic material creation. Websites creation.
Graphic design creation.
Catalogues creation.


Invitation to tender support. Projects support.
Personalized support.
Products support.


Sales data management. Technical assistance.
Technical file analysis.
Products training.


We select and create a process in order to offer clients better services and products.

  • Research & Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Check

  • Publication