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Renewable energies


Organic and Fair-Trade coffee:

prestigious coffee that comes from organic farming and from certified fair and equitable production chain; it satisfies the economic operator and the consumer by guaranteeing a 360° degree performing product.

A blend that combines the positivity of its organic characteristics with an objective high-level performance in a cup. The high quality of raw materials from the high grounds of Jamaica and South America gives back to the palate all the amiability of the best conventional coffee, with the added value of combining pleasure and well-being, without forgetting to respect the environment. It is the research of the best that nature can give us in order to rediscover and to give value to the healthy characteristics of coffee as an answer to the essential necessity of health and functionality.

100% natural fruit snacks:

Italian snacks made with a mix of dried and dehydrated fruit rigorously non-GMO.

These snacks contain a high amount of fibres, manganese and natural vitamins, exquisite and nutritious because they are completely bioavailable. They contain low amounts of sodium and are cholesterol free, hydrogenated fats free, colorants and preservatives free. These snacks are extremely healthy and nutritionally balanced that are part of the majority of European level initiatives of food education destined to students and not only: these snacks are suitable for all people.

Organic & healthy, sweet and salty baked snacks:

these products are made with raw materials from organic farming. They are without colorants, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and GMO: thanks to these positive characteristics these products can help contribute to prevent general upsets related to bad eating habits.

It is the same consumer who asks for healthy and safe products, even when he/she is away from home, because he/she knows that this choice means investing in your own health. In order to answer to this necessity, we suggest high quality organic and healthy baked products; all these products are made with selected flours and characterized by different characteristics: sweetened with cereal syrup, rich in fibres, without milk and eggs, sweetened with brown sugar or sugar-free. Single dose lines; organic, organic and fair-trade, no added sugar, gluten-free, organic salty, yeast-free products.

Ideal for Vending and Restaurants.

Organic prepared meals, gluten-free and vegan +4°:

single dose and multi portion prepared meals. These meals don’t contain animal derived ingredients,

they come from organic farming and satisfy the needs of all of those who wish to consciously develop their eating lifestyle, without giving up a nutritious and tasty diet. The accurate research of raw materials that respect the procedural guideline of the quality trademark 10+EQUO has led to the creation of products that have an authentic taste enhanced by refined and creative preparations.

Ideal for Vending and Restaurants.

Zero-mile mains water:

our water dispensers are directly linked to the water supply network that transforms tap water into a pure, ionized, alkaline and hydrogen water.

The ZERO-MILE WATER system offers many important advantages for the environment:
-It reduces the production of plastic or glass waste: you won’t have to throw away the plastic in the waste basket every time you drink, and the environment thanks you.
-Drastic reduction of CO2: for the creation, the transportation, the conservation, the disposal and the recycling of bottles, plastic or glass water jugs, we consume an enormous quantity of energy and combustible. For those who prefer to use drinking glasses, they are provided with bioplastic P.L.A. and transparent compostable material rigorously made with raw materials that come from renewable sources.

By helping the environment, you help yourself

Ionized and alkaline water:

ionized alkaline water is good for our health because its frequent consumption can lower the acidity of our organism. The ionized alkaline water is produced by a system called alkaline ionizer which, first of all, filters the tap water and purifies it from micro-impurities, unpleasant odours and flavours. Thanks to this system it also transforms it into antioxidant water, rich in alkalizing highly bioavailable oxygen and minerals.

Alkaline water doesn’t have any nutritional, magical nor therapeutic value. Everything it does is to neutralize acid dross, and it contrasts all the illnesses that are associated to it, for instance: fatigue and low energy level, hair loss, fat accumulation, muscle cramps, migraines, indigestion, acne, respiratory disorders, osteoporosis, tooth decays and much more. All of this with just one single filter, it combines water quality with the attention to the environment.

Do good to you and to the environment


Paper cups and compostable accessories:

compostable and biodegradable accessories for vending machines and food services that guarantee excellent performance and resistance even in the most sophisticated vending machines.

In compliance with the European waste directive CE/12/2006 and the European regulation EN13432, they both allow to make a zero-impact waste recycle: thanks to this, what before was unsorted waste, and therefore, a cost, now it becomes a resource and an economic saving for you and for your clients.

Recycler waste-sorting machines and compacting machines:

the recycling that is convenient and creates savings and efficiency. Grow your business!

Waste management and disposal are no longer a problem thanks to our innovative systems, waste -sorting machines, compacting machines and waste shredders which are developed in order to differentiate and to compact waste volume up to 90%. There are all-in-one solutions available in order to manage a single waste collection station of cans and plastic bottles, paper, cups and coffee stirrers. Combining all of this with vending machines, you can create a break room where people can enjoy their break and help the environment at the same time. Moreover, we also provide waste shredders and the collection of trays, cups, plates, cutleries, and organic waste as well.

This is the ecologic machine that gives you a prize!

100% green equipment and furniture:

we make equipment for vending machines, cafeterias, self-service shop coordinated with the environment that hosts them; of course, always paying attention to the environmental impact and the end of life of our products.

The materials that we use are corrugated cardboards, virgin, cellulose compound, corn and peas starch or potato flour, everything is made using natural products without using glues, chemicals nor harmful substances (SVHC list).

Zero formaldehyde, 100% renewable:

our cardboard has a natural resin that makes it humidity resistant, BFSV certified and it is made using an interlock system that allows to assembly and to dismantle it without using glues and tools. With the exact same materials, you can also find small tables and chairs that can be placed in cafeterias or food service facilities.

For those who are a little bit more demanding and careful, we propose nice gadgets in order to transfer to friends and clients their own values and real attention to our environment. Once chosen the format that most suits your demands, our staff will take care of everything, and guarantees continuous assistance and consultation.

Renewable energies

Mild Hybrid for commercial vehicles:

it is a traction system conversion kit for commercial vehicles that, thanks to the massive reduction of emissions, the GV Mild Hybrid kit guarantees the distance covered in urban and extra-urban roads, city centers and limited traffic zones. All thanks to the electric traction based on lithium batteries that, at the same time, guarantees power supply to refrigerated boxes when they are inside the vehicle.

Benefits resulting from the Mild Hybrid kit installation:
-Savings for environmentally-friendly commercial vehicles: the LPG and diesel mix conversion system; by doing so we can reduce the polluting emissions and the vehicle managing costs.
-Solutions for fleet vehicles: solutions for fleet vehicles designated for the transportation of goods and people.
-Performance and reliability: the kit allows to keep unchanged the power and the torque motor of the vehicle.
-Versatility: modular kit and suitable to all commercial vehicles.

Storage eco – mobile green energy:

EcoBox is a transportable electric plant that is perfect in order to guarantee energy independently of vehicles, which is necessary for the functioning of accessories or refrigerated boxes used to preserve perishable products that are installed inside commercial transportation vehicles.

EcoBox is equipped with only AC socket rechargeable lithium batteries. A major energy consumption can be integrated through a specific connector for photovoltaic panel. The EcoBox installation can be controlled thanks to its APP and it includes functions such as:
-Monitoring of the plant GPS position
-Monitoring of the state of charge of the batteries. It is possible to personalize the APP based on the client’s needs.

Integrated solutions for the energetic efficiency of commercial buildings and the production of renewable energy:

in several industrial and commercial buildings, the energy consumptions for the supply of these buildings represent an important fixed cost that can also absorb up to 4% of the general management costs. Each saving applied on this matter can determine a substantial improvement of the efficiency regarding the management of the income statement of the place of business. The implementation of high energy efficiency systems, the use of renewable energies and the implementation of building automation system to manage and to maintain all the systems installed, it resolves the necessity to reduce the costs in favor of a greater efficiency of the business plan of these buildings and of their environmental impact.

1. Economic savings
2. Energy savings
3. Energy audit complete check up
4. Energy class certification
5. Coverage warranty extension
6. Architectural renovation of the building
7. Increase of the market value of the building
8. Structural adjustments
9. Green marketing and innovative communication
We can reduce our environmental impact only if we know it.

Food safety

Food safety:

professional stationary and mobile refrigeration: at last, managing the cold chain is not a problem anymore.

These refrigerators work at 12/24 Vcc and 200 Vac with internal temperatures that can shift from 40°C and -18°C (in accordance with 89/108 (CE) with digital control). These boxes can easily be installed in vehicles of any category that are not already set up, and they have a great autonomy in relation to the energy available and the external temperature. We also make custom-made solutions in order to build together the solution that best suits your needs. Direct sales.

Ideal for Vending and Restaurants.