Products, accessories & solutions...  for consumption out-of-home... of #sustainable food&beverage. Services studied and designed... to reduce the environmental impact

Products, accessories and solutions for the consumption  out-of-home of #sustainable  food&beverage. Services studied... and designed... to reduce the impact to the environment  

We are a company specialized for over 25 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption out-of-home. Networking to achieve sustainability goals thanks to common experiences elaborated in a system.

Our product and service offerings are a concrete support to companies that manage food & beverage services for the benefit of their customers and the reduction of their environmental footprint. To reinforce its social responsibility and corporate welfare for a market that increasingly aims towards sustainability and the achievement of a circular economy.

All our proposals can be integrated with the individual corporate identities and are fully part of the 2030 Agenda, a document signed by the governments of the Member States of the United Nations, to achieve their objectives.

Acting, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint, and improving the quality of the food products we consume is now essential to safeguard our health and the health of the environment that surrounds us. Intervening in the agri-food sector with healthy and sustainable solutions is a fundamental step to achieve this goal and this is our corporate mission.

The protection of the ecosystem and people’s health are the basis of our activity, for this reason we support associations and eco-sustainable solutions for the benefit of the environment and the consumer.

Areas of our daily life where our choices make the difference

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In Italy, health is a constitutionally guaranteed good and a right for all. Food plays a key role in the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and communities. Dealing with it more effectively is a duty from which the State and public administrations can no longer escape.

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Prevention in the food sector has become necessary since man discovered how to modify and transform raw materials and their natural growth and maturation. All this was not necessary, in natural foods nutrients have always been naturally present.



Sport has a positive impact on our mind, as well as on our physique. The benefits of sports activity allow the body to stay healthy and efficient for longer, delaying the degeneration of muscles, joints and organic structures.

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A social diet passes through a simple reduction of the food processing and distribution chain. In addition, it benefits local companies, where you can always buy quality food from. The result is an economic advantage and a benefit in terms of reducing environmental impact.



Waste was originally a raw material and, as such, must return to being wastes to give new life to other products. All this is possible by separating them as much as possible, thus facilitating their subsequent collection and regeneration. A new life now awaits our old waste, which has now become a resource.



We schedule information meetings directly at institutions and companies, planning our activities with the competent offices. We organize events and themed days with debates and discussions related to human and environmental health. You can make conscious choices if properly informed.

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Knowing the impact of the food we consume allows us to understand its origin and often also the quality. Raw materials, the processing, the distribution, the consumption and the waste chain are evaluated. Only if you know your footprint, you can reduce it for a zero-emission future!



More and more people are looking for places of tourism and leisure that favor sustainable services with low environmental impact. Also in this case the food plays a key role, from the food offer to the reception services up to the correct separation of waste and much more.



Finger food is a long-established fashion that combines the pleasure of eating quickly and comfortably. It can be found on the tables and in the services of high-level banquets, at the time of the aperitif or in occasion of ceremonies and events, all around the world.

“We can change the future by knowing the past, everything else is just opinions


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